A Little Piece of the Google Algorithm – Revealed

My post last week on the Google algorithm gave me the crazy idea to actually attempt to write out a rough outline of what the formula might look like. I’ve taken softplus’ suggestion and given it a go using a massively simplistic weight/factor expression:

GoogScore = (KW Usage Score * 0.3) + (Domain Strength * 0.25) + (Inbound Link Score * 0.25) + (User Data * 0.1) + (Content Quality Score * 0.1) + (Manual Boosts) – (Automated & Manual Penalties)

KW Usage Factors:

•KW in title tag
•KW in header tags
•KW in document text
•KW in internal links pointing to the page
•KW in domain and/or URL
Domain Strength

•Registration history
•Domain age
•Strength of links pointing to the domain
•Topical neighborhood of domain based on inlinks & outlinks
•Historical use & links pattern to domain
Inbound Link Score

•Age of links
•Quality of domains sending links
•Quality of pages sending links
•Anchor text of links
•Link quantity/weight metric (Pagerank or a variation)
•Subject matter of linking pages/sites
User Data

•Historical CTR to page in SERPs
•Time users spend on page
•Search requests for URL/domain
•Historical visits/use of URL/domain by users GG can monitor (toolbar, wifi, analytics, etc.)
Content Quality Score

•Potentially given by hand for popular queries/pages
•Provided by Google raters (remember Henk?)
•Machine-algos for rating text quality/readability/etc
Obviously, this isn’t a perfect summation of the algorithm by any means, but I have a strong suspicion that if we were to see the exact algorithm in perfect form, we’d see that a lot of these factors are strongly reflected in the weighting. There would most likely also be a lot of the factors from this list, but for brevity’s sake, I figured I’d keep this post short and sweet.

What do you think? Any big oversights or complete goofs in the above formula?

p.s. Yes – I do think Google is using manual boosts, particularly when the query is of a navigational nature and they’d like to place the source at #1, despite the fact that it might not be strong enough to rank there by itself.

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Mini algorytm Google

Po ostatnim poście na temat algorytmu Google na blogu seomoz randfish postanowił napisać coś na kształt obecnego algorytmu.

Według niego punktacja przyznawana przez Google oparta mogła by być na takim równanku:

GoogScore = (KW Usage Score * 0.3) + (Domain Strength * 0.25) + (Inbound Link Score * 0.25) + (User Data * 0.1) + (Content Quality Score * 0.1) + (Manual Boosts) – (Automated & Manual Penalties)

Gdzie dla poszczególnych wartości hierarchia prezentowała by się następująco :

Słowa kluczowe:

•w tytule strony
•w nagłówkach
•w tekście
•w linkach kierujących na naszą stronę
•w nazwie domeny

Siła domeny:

•data rejestracji domeny
•wiek domeny
•siła linków kierujących do domeny
•tematyczność stron z których prowadzą linki do domeny i do których dana domena linkuje

Linki przychodzące:

•wiek linków
•wartośc domen z których pochodzą linki
•jakość stron z których linki prowadzą
•anchor text w linkach


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